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Pokemon Battle Royale
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  • January-February 2019

    Our First steps...

    For the first two months of our project, we had to figure out what our subject would be. We landed on Pokemon and we decided to combine it with the evermore popular Battle Royale format.

  • February 27 - March 1st

    Expanding on our 1st ideas...

    for three days, we got to work on our project non-stop. During those 3 days, we analysed our ideas and mapped everything out on paper. We also got help from our IT teachers regarding python, php and more.

  • March 2019

    Analyzing different situations

    In the month of March, we started thinking of how to's regarding code. We had to think of different methods that would allow us to achieve our goals.

  • April - May 2019


    For these 2 months, we coded. We first programmed our launcher fulfilling our requirements for Tkinter. We then started coding in pygame and php/html.

  • The



Learn about the best players and their stats.

List of top players
# Name Favourite Pokemon Best Score
1 Me Whatever @123456789
2 You something 23456789
3 Someone else random 3456789
List of top pokemon
# Name Type Winrate
1 Mewtwo Psychic 200%
2 Jynx Normal 69%
3 MagiKarp Water 0........1%

Our Amazing Team

Meet our team.

Adrien Montariol

Alexandre Wery

This is us. We're the ones who coded this wonderful game and website.

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